One Listings Plugin to Rule Them All

Listings gives you the flexibility to list anything you can dream up

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Jobs. Cars. Die-cast WWII Tanks. Whatever.

Maybe you want to create a classifieds site for your town. Maybe you want to advertise jobs at your firm. Or maybe you're looking to sell antique, die-cast replicas of World War II tanks. Listings can do that.

With Great Power Comes Great Extensibility

The power of Listings comes from its library of extensions, which gives you the functionality you need for your project. Moreover, as a fork of WP Job Manager, Listings is built on a solid foundation.

Create free-form lists, through the free core plugin or use one of our extensions to meet the needs of you and your clients.

  • Jobs

    Coming soon!

  • Real Estate

    Where you heart is, home.

  • Cars

    Get yourself a new motor.

  • Boats

    Sail away.

  • Outhouses

    Why not? If you don't have one, you want one.

  • Kittens

    Because everyone loves cats!